Before booking


-Yamahikosha guesthouse cabin has 6-tatami-mat room + 4-tatami-mat room with an Irori fireplace.  There is no partition between the rooms.  The cabin has a small kitchen and a bathroom. 

We accommodate only one group per day.


-Due to space limitations, we can accommodate up to 5 peopleregardless of age. We provide 5 sets of futons

Maximum length of stay is 3 nights. We provide clean rooms and linens, but no housekeeping or laundry service during your stay.


-We cannot accommodate persons under age without a parent or caretaker. The person booking the room must be over 20 years old.


-Unfortunately, there is no transportation serviceto get to Yamahikosha. You'll need a car to get here. It takes 30 minutes by car from the Hirado bridge. 

In Japan, we drive on the left side and the steering wheel is located on the right side. 

We recommended you to have experience in driving in Japan,

or come with someone who has as there is a curvy mountain road in between. 


-Shampoo, Body soap, and a hair dryer are provided.  Bath towels and hand towels are not provided.  Please bring any other necessary amenities along.



-We do not provide meals. Feel free to cook in the kitchen, or bring your own food.

Please click “TOOLS” for more informaiton.

Also, please refrain from deep frying in the kitchen.


-No laundry service provided. 

There is a laundromat in a next town over.


-There are no shops in a walking distance from Yamahikosha. You can get to a supermarket, convenience store,

hardware store, and laundromat if you drive for 10 minutes to the next town. 

Please do necessary shopping before getting to Yamahikosha.


-There is no air conditionerat Yamahikosha. 

In the summer, we provide an electric fan. 

In autumn, winter and spring time, we provide kerosene stove (Extra fee applies for the fuel).


-The guest house cabin is located next to the main house where the Yamahikosha family resides.  

Please have an understanding that the guest house cabin is not completely isolated and private.


-Because it is an old, Japanese-style house, there are areas that do not have screen windows which may allow bugs to come inside.

During summer, you will see crabs and frogs in the garden.

We provide materials such as insence and herbs to keep bugs out of the house, but please bring your own materials if you have a preference. 

If you have a phobia against bugs,

it might be challenging to stay comfortably at Yamahikosha.


-We apologize that Yamahikosha is not wheelchair-accessible.


-Please refrain from smoking inside. 

Please bring a portable ashtray for smoking outside.


-Becasue we are located in a residential area,

Please be mindful of the volume at night.


-Yamahikosha is located on a hill, and some areas are not fenced off.  Please take responsibility for your safety and be careful when walking around Yamahikosha.


-The guesthouse has a simple lock. 

Please use the safe in the house for valuables.


-Due to the narrow road leading up to Yamahikosha,

we provide aparking lot 3 minutes walk away

Please drive slowly as it is a residential area. 

See “Map” for more information. 

You can park up to two cars there,

but because it is a shared parking lot,

you may have to use a different parking lot during the peak time.


-We can book up to two months in advance(For example, if it's April now, we can book up to the end of June). 

No same day reservations, please book at least 3 days prior to your stay.


Please email us if you have any question: